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KOBK now has 2 TOXIKK server

MAP Dekk
MAP Foundation
[Image: delete3kobk.png]

oh yeah

I am looking,still no see server !

You can use the same key. The server needs to have a steam client installed for downloading and updating the server files. But it does not need to have steam running to have the server running so..
You install steam on the server, log in with your account. Download the game there. Log out of steam, go into the folders and run the .bin files to get it running while doing some tweaking to the configs, etc.
It's worth noting at the moment that only windows servers are supported.

It is working , woo hoo Smile
FearInc Â

working again
FearInc Â

Nice!  I just went in and checked 'er out.  I look forward to playing there. [Image: rock3qp1.gif] 
[Image: umV2QRp.gif]

Big Grin me too
FearInc Â

Delete; I went through the motions of setting up a server to see if I could figure out how to turn off voting. I agree with you; there does not seem to be a way. I found C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TOXIKK where the start up BAT files and a config file live. No mention of voting. I also searched the entire Windows registry; nothing. Alpha release syndrome.

[Image: rip.gif]

We have gone from free-doms to fee-doms.

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